Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tecumseh DDA Grant Programs

DDA Grant Programs

The Tecumseh Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has budgeted funds to assist businesses in improving their downtown properties. This will take place in the form of matching grants for exterior improvements to downtown buildings. The programs are as follows:
Façade Incentive Grant Program

This grant program was created to improve the economic vitality of downtown Tecumseh by encouraging private investment through historically sensitive rehabilitation and dramatic improvement of façades in downtown. The program offers a matching grant of up to $5,000 for eligible exterior improvements made to a qualified commercial building within the DDA District.
Sign Incentive Program

The sign incentive program seeks to bridge the gap in cost between unattractive signage and highly functional, attractive signs that complement downtown Tecumseh’s historic buildings thereby creating a more attractive Central Business District. The intent of the program is to encourage three dimensional, symbolic, projecting signs that emphasize the pedestrian nature of downtown Tecumseh. Applicants may seek a matching grant up to $500 to help offset the cost of new signage that fits these criteria. A copy of the Design Guidelines for Downtown Tecumseh can be obtained by contacting the DDA Office at 424-6003.

Grant Applications must be completed and submitted to the Tecumseh DDA Office in conjunction with the following application cycles: April 30th and September 30th. Applications will be accepted at any time during the calendar year; however, review and approval will take place after the above deadlines. The City of Tecumseh’s DDA Office is located at 112 South Ottawa Street. Questions can be directed to Paula Holtz at 424-6003 or

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